New Dekton colours


To expand our Dekton range, we are adding four new colours to our collection. These colours each have their own characteristics and distinctive look:


Bromo | An anthracite/dark blue tint with a subtly faded pattern. The carefully created texture provides a natural look, resembling a stone such as slate.


Kreta | Inspired by classic concrete floors. The design consists of a fairly even distribution of lighter and darker shades of grey that create a natural concrete look.


Vegha | A stormy grey tone with a cloudy appearance. Inspired by limestone and sandstone, this colour creates a powerful natural sensation.


Gada | A natural sand colour that combines a matt, satin-smooth finish with the rough appearance of light quartzite.


These colours are available in thicknesses of 8, 12 and 20mm with a maximum size of 3150 x 1390mm.