New colours in ceramic


Materials that combine the practical qualities of ceramic (heat, scratch and stain resistance) with a distinct, natural look are becoming increasingly popular. In this regard, we are expanding our collection with three particularly attractive materials:


Amazonico | A spectacular appearance inspired by the mystic South American rainforests. Not only the distinctive pattern, but also the striking texture contribute to the ultra-natural look of this luxurious material.


Himalaya Crystal | The tops of the Himalayas were the inspiration for this crystal-like material. Powerful veins create a balanced contrast to the seemingly translucent surface.


White Cloud | A light grey material with narrow light and dark veins that create a lively surface. White Cloud is elegant and harmonious and is reminiscent of the sun breaking through the clouds.


The three new colours all have a matt brushed (satin) finish. Amazonico and Himalaya Crystal are available in thicknesses of 6 and 12 mm with a maximum dimension of 3160×1460 mm. White Cloud is only available in a thickness of 6 mm and has a maximum dimension of 3200×1580 mm.