New colors ceramic


Beige tones and warm earthy colors are back. This spring we are introducing five beautiful new ceramic colors to our collection, some of which respond to this emerging market trend:


Travertino Sand satin | max. 3200x1580mm
A mix of cream, gray and sand tones with the natural look of travertine


Fossil Ivory satin | max. 3160x1560mm
A warm gray concrete look with subtle fossil elements for an extra natural look


Gris du Gent satin | max. 3200x1580mm
A taupe-colored material with rough lines and structures in brown and copper tones


Tarmac satin | max. 3200x1580mm
A matte black material inspired by the look of asphalt, with a rougher structure and light shades


Saint Laurent satin | max. 3200x1580mm
A swirling composition of white, gold and copper colored veins on a black background