New ceramic colors


The demand for ceramics has skyrocketed in recent years. Together with the continued development of this heat-resistant material, this has ensured that ceramics are now also ready for the kitchen and interior industry with a polished surface.

Jetstone adds 9 new colors with a polished surface to the collection, which have been carefully selected and matched to current and future trends:


Divino | max. 3160×1540 mm
The white base in this material provides the foundation for the coarse gray marble veins

| max. 3160×1540 mm
A stylish creamy white color with a mix of gray and bronze veins

Crystal White
| max. 3160×1540 mm
This white design features a distinctive icy print with subtle bronze veins

Colorado Dunes
| max. 3160×1460 mm
A creamy white color with a pronounced vein structure in shades of black and brown

Fior di Pesco
| max. 3200×1580 mm
This sand-grey color is characterized by its beautiful white veins

Beige Mahal
| max. 3160×1540 mm
This sand-beige color is characterized by a subtle layered structure reminiscent of travertine

Roma Imperiale
| max. 3160×1540 mm
This natural gray-green color with bursts of gray, gold and copper tones takes you back to Roman antiquity
Please note that this color has a significantly different facet color due to a marked difference between surface (print) and base material

| max. 3160×1540 mm
In this distinct material, a blue-green base is the basis for gold and green structures

Verde Borgogna
| max. 3200×1580 mm
A beautiful mix of green shades and ton-sur-ton veins


The new materials are available with a material thickness of 12mm. Compared to ceramics with a satin surface, polished ceramic materials are a bit more scratch-sensitive and slightly less stain-resistant.