We are pleased to extend our ceramics collection with 7 colours. This introduction includes 5 new designs from Caesarstone, that has added ceramics recently as a new productgroup to their product range. In addition tot his, we add 2 unique full-body designs to our collection. Visitors of the famous Kuchenmeile in September already had the chance to meet these new colours.

Caesarstone ceramics

  • Emprada satin | 12 mm | 3150×1550 mm
  • Fume satin | 12 mm | 3150×1550 mm
  • Monumental satin | 12 mm | 3150×1550 mm
  • Smokestone satin | 12 mm | 3150×1550 mm
  • Striata satin | 12 mm | 3150×1550 mmThe Caesarstone ceramic materials are have earthy and vained tones and are only available in 12 mm solid.


Pirenei ceramics with full-body structure

  • Pirenei Ecru satin | 12 mm | 3190×1590 mm
  • Pirenei Grey satin | 12 mm| 3190×1590 mm

These full-body colors are characterized by the chalky surface with small stones, creating an industrial concrete structure in sand and gray tones.

Jetstone adds three new marble looks to its Dekton collection. The new colors combine a matte (satin) surface with a luxurious look and the practical properties of Dekton:


Morpheus satin | max 3150×1390mm
A spectacular appearance, where the milky white base contrasts beautifully with veins in gold, gray and copper.


Rem satin | max 3150×1390mm
A creamy white base color inspired by an elegant white marble with linear veins in shades of gray and copper.


Reverie satin | max 3150×1390mm
A reinterpretation of the iconic Paonazzo stone, with thick vein patterns in lush rusty terracotta and subtle shades of blue.


The new materials are all available with material thicknesses of 8, 12 and 20mm.

Jetstone adds four new colours of ceramics with a satin surface to its collection. The new colours combine an opulent look with the practical properties of ceramic:


Colorado Fields satin | max 3160×1460 mm
A creamy white colour with a pronounced vein structure in shades of brown.


Delhi Beige satin | max. 3160×1540mm
This sandy-beige colour is reminiscent of travertine with its subtle layered structure.


Fior di Mela satin | max. 3200×1580mm
A sand-grey colour with beautiful white veins and natural structures.


Madagascar satin | max. 3160×1540mm
In this distinct material, a blue/green ground is the basis for gold and green structures.


These new materials are all available with a material thickness of 12 mm.

Four new subtle earthy shades added to the Quartz collection of Jetstone.


This spring the collection of Quartz colors will be expanded with Caesarstone’s Pebbles series: four subtle and earthy designs based on pebbles. Each pebble is shaped by and based on the natural forces of water and wind. The subtlety and softness of the colours bring peace to the heart of the home.


The series include two materials with a matte and brushed satin finish: the cream white Stoneburst and the soft brown-grey Wyndigo. Agger Grey combines a warm two-colored base of smokey grey tones with a shiny finish. This finish is also represented at the Raindream: a slate grey coloured design with dark grey striping and neutral shades reminds of wet river stones.


These four new Quartz colors are available with a maximum size of 3000×1390 millimeters.