Quartz is currently the most popular material in the Jetstone collection. Our colour range therefore includes a wide range of shades; from monochrome to veined, and from pure white to deep black. We purchase these quartz materials from a number of prominent suppliers, who in any case have to meet the strict requirements of NSF in order to guarantee that a worktop is food-safe. Not insignificant on a kitchen!


Official Caesarstone dealer

A special role in our quartz collection is fulfilled by the materials of Caesarstone. This renowned manufacturer not only values quality, but is also a trendsetter in the development of new colours and structures. Caesarstone chooses to work with one or two professional dealers per country. We are proud to be able to state that for the Dutch and Swedish market Caesarstone has chosen Jetstone as dealer for their products.

Would you like to have a look behind the scenes at Caesarstone, then take a look at this short video.


Form Follows Food

Food inspires designers. It provides creative expression and plays a role in the development of new materials. Lidewij Edelkoort, one of the leading trend forecasters and researchers of the past 25 years, made a beautiful book about it. Commissioned by Caesarstone, she researched how food is the inspiration for colours and structures in stone; Form Follows Food. Want to read more about this fascinating study? On Caesarstone’s website you can find a visual summary.


Caesarstone colours

In our quartz collection, Caesarstone’s materials are mainly represented in three different style categories:


– Materials with a subtle cloudy structure, which provides a beautiful natural look. Examples include Clamshell, Oyster, Raven, Slate and Shitake.

– Materials with a veined structure, which provides the luxurious look of natural stone. Examples include London Grey, Bianco Drift, Piatra Grey, Empira Black and Empira White. View the complete series (the Caesarstone Supernaturals) here.

– Materials with a pronounced concrete look. The latest series consists of the distinct concrete looks Rugged Concrete, Airy Concrete, Topus Concrete and Cloudburst Concrete. But also more subtle options are available, such as Fresh Concrete and Raw Concrete.


On our page with all up-to-date quartz colours, you can easily recognise Caesarstone’s materials by the four-digit number behind the colour name.