Since its formation in 1993, Jetstone has developed a strong reputation as a specialist in granite, quartz and ceramic worktops. Our beautiful, high-quality worktops are winning a loyal and growing following among kitchen retailers, interior designers and related businesses. Our delivery reliability at 99.8% is another reason why we enjoy exceptionally high levels of customer loyalty, a fact of which we are extremely proud!


Quality is an absolute must for luxury worktops

It hardly needs saying that for us quality is of key importance – you would expect no less. In the market for luxury products – such as stone worktops – this is an absolute must, and a prerequisite for our existence. However, we believe the key to our success lies to an even greater extent in our straightforward advice and our ability to think through issues with customers.


Moreover, our 300 enthusiastic and committed employees and the advanced technology we employ, enable us to work to exceptionally short delivery times. And above all, we always try to offer the most versatile range of colours and edge types for our worktops. This means you are sure to be able to find what your client is looking for. In an era marked out by individuality in design, this is a key factor setting us apart in the field of luxury worktops.


Your partner for natural stone, quartz and ceramic worktops

Stone worktops are a luxury product; they are also a complex product, which means a good partnership between the client and supplier is very important. Our approachable, no-nonsense culture plays a big part here. This, alongside our production capacity (two modern production sites), professional organisation and firm financial standing, mean you can be confident of a successful, long-term partnership when you work with us. Our stone worktops last a lifetime, and we are in it for the long haul too…