Corporate responsibility

As a responsible entrepreneur, Jetstone will obviously take great care of matters such as sustainability & environment, health & safety and people & development. It will be our pleasure to allow you a peep behind the scenes:


Code of Conduct

Throughout its purchasing process Jetstone applies a Code of Conduct. In this document, Jetstone commits itself and its suppliers to a number of important legal, ethical, environmentally technical and social norms and standards. Particularly for types of granite from non-Western countries this is an important aspect, as is carrying out independent audits. We have these audits executed by, for example, Xertifix, an NGO that fights for better working conditions and environmental protection in the stone sector.


International CSR Covenant

On Monday, May 13, 2019, we signed the TruStone IMVO initiative. In addition to fellow companies in our industry, Minister Sigrid Kaag and representatives of various trade unions and Arisa also signed.

Over the past two years, various parties in the Dutch and Belgian natural stone industry have worked hard on this covenant. The objective of the TruStone Initiative is clear: the parties involved want to create transparency and stand up to violations of the environment and human rights, which may still occur during the extraction of natural stone in Asia, Africa and South America. As an individual company you can hardly influence this; as a branch in collaboration with (government) organizations, we are a lot stronger.

More information about sustainable natural stone can be found on this page.


NSF and bio-resin

Jetstone only uses composite material certified in accordance with the standards of the international organisation NSF, thus guaranteeing hygiene and food safety. Moreover, Diresco (one of our main suppliers for quartz composite) has switched to using bio-resin for all their products and we are encouraging other suppliers to do so as well.



Where possible, Jetstone opts for environmentally friendly solutions in its operational management. Some examples:
| Water: For our production process we make use of rainwater which we subsequently recycle. In our new factory, mains water is only used for drinking and our waterjet machines.
| Electricity: Recently, we invested in the most energy efficient compressors that have the added advantage of working on the basis of heat recovery. Furthermore, Jetstone only uses green energy.

| Solar panels: Early 2019 we will put solar panels on our factories, so that we can make them electricity-neutral and self-sufficient.
| Gas: Our new premises meet the highest demands in respect of insulation, thereby substantially reducing the consumption of gas.
| Fuel: When purchasing vehicles, emission and fuel consumption are always of overriding importance. In this respect we purchased 13 new and very economical Mercedes vans for our mechanics in the past two years. In addition, we have opened an additional warehouse in Brussels, enabling us to organise our transport in a more clustered manner (resulting in far less kilometres). We have also opened two additional warehouses in Sweden to substantially reduce the number of transport kilometres.
| Paper consumption: New software investments have reduced the incoming and outgoing paper flows to a minimum.
| Material consumption: Through the use of ‘nesting software’ we are able to continuously decrease the amount of material waste. This development will proceed even faster in our new factory as our fully automated horizontal warehouse can optimise this ‘nesting’ even further.
| Waste flows: We fully separate our ceramic waste from the granite and composite, resulting in a pure waste flow. This makes it possible for our waste to be re-used for the laying of roads, for instance.


Health, safety and training

Jetstone can only be successful with good and highly motivated employees. For this reason we want our employees to work in a healthier and safer environment and to also invest in themselves through training. The measures we take in this respect include:

| Professional dust extraction in the factory.

| Height-adjustable workplaces for polishing and final inspection purposes, developed in-house.

| Hardly any manual lifting in our factories, due to vacuum lifters and conveyor belts.

| Certified aids and compliance with Health and Safety in the Workplace regulations.

| Encouraging structured training (offered internally).

In addition to an active PCB (Personnel Consultative Body), our open and informal manner of communication will always ensure that our employees have access to someone who is open to suggestions.


Make a wish

Jetstone formed the Make A Wish Foundation in 2015. Employees can use this resource to help people in their direct environment which means that we can offer help in the broadest sense of the word.