General tips for use

Stone worktops are extremely hard-wearing and practical. Their properties may however vary depending on the type of material and colour and on the finish (polished, honed, satin or flamed).


The following general tips for use are recommended:

  • Use abrasive cleaning agents with care, particularly on polished (glossy) materials.
  • Remove stains as soon as possible.
  • Always use a coaster for hot pans to prevent the possible risk of a thermoshock.
  • For hygiene reasons, always use a cutting board when preparing food. On a ceramic or Dekton worktop, this will also prevent your knives becoming blunt.
  • Avoid contact with acetone and with extremely aggressive cleaning agents, such as metal polish and plughole unblockers.
  • Never stand on the worktop.
  • Where a dishwasher is mounted under the worktop, allow dishes to air with the door closed.


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