Dust-free work


We attach great importance to safe and healthy work conditions. The materials we use for worktops contain quartz dust. This dust can only be harmful to health when cutting or dry polishing is involved.

Therefore, if any work on the worktop needs to be done on site, please ensure that the inhalation of dust is kept to a minimum. A few measures to ensure this:


  • Always use a dust mask with a P3 filter (mandatory).
  • Is it possible to saw / grind outside? If so, we recomment to use water (for example via a plant sprayer) so that the substance is atomized immediately and the tools are cooled.
  • Do the operations really have to be done indoors? Then please use tools with dust extraction, linked to a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. In addition, make sure that the ventilation, air conditioning and/or heating grilles are covered. Clean the room after work with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a HEPA filter, followed by a claen-up with a mop and wet cloth.


Additional information:
In our factories we work with advanced water cooling and dust extraction, therefore quartz dust does not pose any risk to our employees. We have our systems checked annually by an external organization.