Fitting a flushmount sink


The sink is one of the most intensively used parts of a kitchen, with flushmount being the most frequently chosen variety. With a flushmount sink, it is important that it is placed ‘flush’ with the worktop. Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to install a flushmount sink. Specific instructions for mounting the Franke MYX sink can be found at the bottom of this page.


  1. Place the sink in the cut-out and check that the bottom of the chamfer is neatly in line with the top of the sink.
  2. Is the sink a bit too low? Then place pieces of plastic underneath the flange where needed, until the sink has the correct height.
  3. Before the actual fitting, clean the cut-out and the sink thoroughly to get it free of dust and grease.
  4. Tape (especially when installing natural stone or quartz composite with a matt surface) the edge of the recess on the kitchen worktop with masking tape! This way you can prevent glue stains on the worktop.
  5. Apply a layer of silicone sealant in the cut-out and place the sink on top of the silicone sealant.
  6. Press down the sink and provide weight in the sink, for example by putting water in it (whether or not in a bucket).
  7. Spray the sealant with strong soapy water (or a sealant finisher) and finish the sealant neatly.
  8. Make sure the end user is aware of not using the sink for the first 24 hours after fitting.


General advice:

Always make sure that the end user is aware of the correct maintenance for the worktop. You can use use the leaflet in our maintenance kit and refer to the maintenance tips and frequently asked questions on our website. Also advise the customer not to use the worktop for the first 24 hours after installation, so that everything can dry properly.