Fitting an undermount sink


When placing an undermount sink, it is important that it can adhere well to the worktop before it is put into use. We recommend that you fit it step by step, as following:


  1. Clean the underside of the worktop around the sink area to remove dust and grease, and degrease the flange of the sink.
  2. Fit the strainer plug into the sink.
  3. Place a piece of wood on the worktop and pull a long ty-rap through the holes of the strainer basket plug.
  4. Apply a layer of silicone sealant to the flange of the sink and position the sink upwards onto the worktop, centered under the cut-out.
  5. Place the piece of wood over the cut-out and pull the sink against the bottom of the worktop by using the ty-rap.
  6. Check that the sink is properly centered under the cut-out on all four sides.
  7. Remove the excess silicone sealant from the underside and inside.
  8. Make sure the user is aware of not using the sink for the first 24 hours after fitting.


General advice:

Always make sure that the end user is aware of the correct maintenance for the worktop. You can use use the leaflet in our maintenance kit and refer to the maintenance tips and frequently asked questions on our website. Also advise the customer not to use the worktop for the first 24 hours after installation, so that everything can dry properly.