Fitting of worktop joints


When fitting worktops, it is important that the joints are as level as possible. To reach the best result, we recommend the following step by step approach:


  1. Have a spirit level and pieces of plastic (to adjust the height) available.
  2. Check at the coupling joints which worktop is highest.
  3. Make sure the highest worktop is level in length and width.
  4. Align the other parts on the coupling joint with the highest worktop.
  5. Keep in mind that a worktop can always be slightly concave or convex.
  6. Always check that all worktop parts are level.


Tip: Before gluing the joint (especially with natural stone or quartz with a matt surface), cover the edges of the kitchen worktop with masking tape. In this way you prevent glue spots on the worktop.


General advice:

Always make sure that the end user knows the correct maintenance for the worktop. You can use use the leaflet in our maintenance kit and refer to the maintenance tips and frequently asked questions on our website. Also advise the customer not to use the worktop for the first 24 hours after installation, so that everything can dry properly.