Quartz is a beautiful material, currently an extremely popular choice for kitchen worktops. This popularity is easily explained by the enormous range of colours and, first and foremost, by its highly practical properties. However, these practical properties should not be taken for granted.


Quartz from around the world

The number of manufacturers producing slabs from quartz composite around the world is increasing all the time. This is a positive development that can only add to the popularity of quartz as a work surface. However, the manufacture of quartz composite is a specialist area in which production techniques and particularly the raw materials used have a major impact on the appearance and hygiene properties of the worktop produced. The quality of products from different manufacturers can vary, sometimes widely.


NSF; guarantees food safety standards in quartz composite

Jetstone chooses its suppliers with care, and only works with quartz composite certified in accordance with the standards produced by NSF. This major, independent organisation is involved in the testing and approval of materials for hygiene and food safety purposes. These are clearly crucial aspects when it comes to kitchen worktops.