Safe and responsible quartz

Quartz is an enormously popular material for kitchen worktops. This popularity can easily be explained by the enormous choice of colours and, above all, its extremely practical qualities. But these practical qualities are not always a given.


Quartz from all over the world

More and more manufacturers around the world are producing quartz slabs. A positive development, which only increases the popularity of quartz. However, the production of quartz is a specialism, in which production techniques and especially the resources used are very decisive for the appearance and hygiene of the finished worktop. And in this matter, the quality of the various manufacturers sometimes differs considerably.


NSF and GreenGuard; guarantees for food-safe quartz

Jetstone chooses its suppliers carefully, and only works with quartz material that is certified in accordance with NSF and GreenGuard standards. These large, independent organisations are engaged in the testing and inspection of materials in the areas of hygiene and food safety. Aspects that are of great importance when it comes to a kitchen worktop, of course. Take a look at the certificates of:

– Caesarstone: NSF and GreenGuard
– Diresco: NSF and GreenGuard


Social commitment

The suppliers of quartz material we work with are not only focused on food-safe products, but also on their corporate social responsibility. The environment plays an important role in this. Caesarstone and Silestone, for example, are certified in accordance with ISO 14001 (an international standard for environmental management systems) and Diresco only works with plantbased bio-resin.Our suppliers are also critical about which resources they use; Diresco, for instance, works with Sibelco for a responsible extraction of quartz.