Quartz colours

Colour samples showing our versatile range of quartz can be seen below. Click on the samples for a larger image, which will also show the average maximum dimensions. In case a * is added to the maximum dimensions, the material is available in larger dimensions on request.


The colour samples give a good indication of look and colour, but the materials need to be seen to gain a true impression. Moreover, colours can be available in different surfaces (e.g. polished and satin).

    Airy Concrete

    Arden Blue

    Beach Iceberg

    Beach Medium Grey

    Beach White New

    Bianco Arabescato

    Bianco Drift [6131]

    Blanco Assoluto

    Buxy Grey New

    Cemento Spa


    Cloud Grey

    Divinity Black New

    Dolphin Grey


    Flannel Grey


    Fresh Concrete [4001]

    Georgian Bluffs [6134]

    Ginger [4330]

    Grigio Antracite

    Gris Expo

    Jet Black [3100]

    London Grey [5000]


    Negro Tebas

    Organic White [4600]

    Oriƫntal Black

    Oyster [4030]

    Piatra Grey [5003]

    Pure White

    Raven [4120]

    Raw Concrete [4004]

    Salt White

    Shadow Black

    Shitake [4230]

    Slate [4350 Mink]

    Smoke Grey

    Snowy Ibiza

    Starlight Black

    Starlight White


    Symphony Grey [5133]

    Topus Concrete

    Turbine Grey [6313]

    White Attica [5143]

    Woodlands [6338]