As well as your worktop and upstands, Jetstone can also supply the sink or sinks you want with your order. In this way, you are assured that your sink will be delivered at the same time as the worktop, and we also take full responsibility for the sink and recess dimensions.


Stainless steel sinks

For our range of stainless steel sinks, we are partnered with suppliers such as Franke and ABK; brands that are synonymous with quality. We are able to supply all the main types of sink from these brands from stock, and other sink types can be supplied without problem.

Stainless steel sinks are very practical to use; they are easy to clean with a scouring agent, which does however mean that fine scratches will appear on stainless steel under normal use.


Colored sinks

Currently, we are seeing a trend towards more colored sinks, in black as well as in luxurious colors such as gold and copper. These colored sinks can be split up in two main groups: sinks made out of stainless steel with a color-coating (like the Miami- and Ohio-series by Reginox) and sinks made out of synthetic or stone materials, like the SID- and KBG-series by Franke.
Sinks made out of stainless steel with a color-coating have a relatively low resistance to scratches and acids. Therefore, please keep in mind not to drop cutlery (or other heavy objects) in these sinks. Also, do not slide tough materials over the bottom and do not expose the surface to strong chemicals or aggressive cleaning agents.


Granite, quartz or ceramic sinks

We can supply sinks made from most of the materials we supply as worktops. They are all custom-made and will match your worktop perfectly. Sinks made from the same material as the worktop give that extra feeling of luxury, particularly if you opt for an undermounted sink with mitred joins.

Stone sinks are available with three different bases; a flat base, an ‘envelope’ base or a stainless steel base. Sinks with an envelope base are the most innovative of the three. This allows the water to drain away better than is the case with a flat base, in which some water (and waste) will always be left behind. The main advantage of stone sinks with a stainless steel base is that they have better resistance when used with a boiling water tap (e.g. Quooker). Care should be taken when using a boiling water tap with sinks with a stone base, particularly in the case of darker quartz colours.